The DREAM of winning at LOVE and BUSINESS happens here.

Hi, I’m Lorena and as a Mentor, Coach and Writer I help Entrepreneurs and their Intimate Partners make sure their LOVE relationship succeeds despite the demands of the BUSINESS.

This is the place where your LOVE and BUSINESS succeed together!

But, here’s the ugly truth –

Over time, if your partnership’s not careful, balancing the needs of your LOVE and the demands of the BUSINESS can reach a crisis point where one or the other has to go.

I know because I’ve seen it in the years I’ve worked with Entrepreneurs and their Intimate Partners as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and I’ve seen it in my own committed relationship.

When you work with me as your MENTOR and COACH, I draw on my years of experience as a couples’ therapist, the knowledge I have about what does and doesn’t work, and my own journey of twenty-plus years of being an Entrepreneur while in a committed partnership…

During our work together I’ll provide you with the following:

  • A tool I developed called the Agile™ Relationship Plan that’s designed to help manage some of the biggest obstacles a committed partnership can face while building a business.
  • Honest feedback (based on years of experience and knowledge) about what I see is working and what isn’t working in your relationship.
  • Suggestions on next steps to get your relationship moving in the right direction
  • An action plan


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Here’s How It Works

To get started fill out the form below and give me some brief details on why you’re reaching out, how I can be of help, and what you need. This helps me before our call.

After you fill out the form, I’ll reach out to you to set up our call.

Then I’ll send you the link to book my services and make your payment. During our call we’ll come to an agreement regarding the fee. I don’t set them beforehand because I tailor my services to each couples’ unique needs for support.

My Mentoring and Coaching services are for Couples AND Individuals who are:

  • Ready to take action
  • Ready to follow through with suggestions
  • Ready to hear honest feedback with an open mind and heart

You might not be ready to work with me if:

  • The relationship challenges you face are beyond the scope of my mentoring and coaching
  • You’ve lost all hope your relationship can change for the better
  • You’re uncomfortable with being held accountable

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