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Wit and Wisdom from Lorena Duncan

Quotes for Your Consideration

We are our actions, not our thoughts
I feel like I lose my emotional self at your altar of logic.
The goal is to be able to be a part and apart.

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Teachable Moment with Your Teenager

Everyone can relate to a parent’s frustration with their teen who’s agreed to do a certain chore but doesn’t follow through. Teens often will agree to what they don’t really want to do in order to get their parents off their proverbial back. What to do?

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Popcorn Therapy

Counseling and Therapy Session in Pleasanton It’s Not All What It’s Cracked Up to be… A common question prospective clients ask me is “How long will I need to come?”  Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball.  Therapy is an uncovering process that entails making what...

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Wit and Wisdom from October: Quotes for Your Consideration…

I’m the queen of denial, I have the tiara to prove it. I may be in left field but I’m not alone. Family...it’s a like a stew and you don’t know what you’re going to pull out with that spoon. It’s our job to ask, it’s their job to say yes or no. My wife has the same...

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Breaking the News of Divorce to Your Kids…

The decision to divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your lifetime.  When that decision also affects children, it’s important that you and your partner engage in some reflection and come to an agreement about how to break the news to your...

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Are You Listening To Me!? Communication 101…

If doesn’t do much good for you to talk if your partner isn’t listening to you.  For real communication to happen, you have to have both a Sender and a Receiver, a Talker and a Listener.  Intimacy can’t happen if both aren’t present in the exchange.  True intimacy,...

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