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A Poor Nights Rest…Research Says, “Hello Depression, Anxiety and ADHD.”

Couples Therapy Pleasanton 654We can all relate to being grouchy and emotionally out of sorts after a poor nights sleep, but for those of us where poor sleep health is a regular occurrence a growing body of research suggests that the cumulative effect over time can manifest as depression, anxiety and/or attention-deficit struggles.

For adults, the primary culprit looks to be sleep apnea (a chronic condition where the individual repeatedly stops breathing during sleep).  In March of 2012 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted a summation regarding the direct correlation for both men and women between sleep apnea and rates of depression.  For men with sleep apnea the risks for depression were twice of those without and for women the rates were five times higher.

If you are someone who struggles with depression, these statistics are extremely significant as they may point to an important path for reducing the symptoms of depression.  They may also point to an undiagnosed sleep condition that is affecting your overall physical and emotional well-being.

And what about our young people?  Investigating their sleep health at an early age may be an important factor in warding of future mental health challenges.  Attention-deficit struggles are particularly intensified by poor sleep health.  Your child or teenager’s crankiness after a poor nights sleep may hint at a potentially bigger mood disturbance.  Make it a point to both observe and ask after your child’s sleep health.

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